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bookkeeping for nonprofits new york

For that reason, nonprofits need to ensure that all their expenses are properly documented AND fall within the limits of their charter. They must also record any activities that have generated a profit and declare this information to the IRS. All organizations, regardless of whether they are businesses or non-profits, have a capital structure.

Is there a non profit QuickBooks Online?

Nonprofits can choose to either use QuickBooks Premier Desktop (which comes in nonprofit editions) or QuickBooks Online, depending on their needs. QuickBooks Online makes it easy to give the volunteers who help with accounting functions access only to the QuickBooks features they need.

Our experienced and friendly team of accountants will answer all queries and help you make timely decisions for maximum organization benefits. As we maintain your general ledger every month, it is easy to identify, address and fix accounting discrepancies like unrecorded payments and double donations, thus keeping your books accurate and preventing costly errors from occurring. There are major differences between the three types of bookkeepers and what each can offer your Nonprofit.

Part-Time Bookkeeping for Nonprofits

We provide you with accurate financial statements with actionable insights presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format, so you always know where your resources are going. If you are looking for an experienced nonprofit bookkeeping service near you, then look no further and partner with our company of experts. A. Our monthly bookkeeping package includes income and expenses for the month entered into QuickBooks, monthly bank reconciliations, monthly balance sheet, and monthly income statement (P&L). This is when you’ll need more advanced bookkeeping, accrual-based accounting, and management and board reporting to help you make data-driven decisions that drive your mission forward. We’ll partner with you to automate key accounting processes and create forward-looking plans that make your future feel less uncertain. And we can offer you on-demand advice on grant utilization, fundraising strategy, tax compliance, and other topics that often trip up growing nonprofits.

bookkeeping for nonprofits new york

Sean Drakes CPA is an experienced full-service CPA firm with a track record of success working with non-profit organizations in the New York City metro area. Our focus is on the here and now, helping ensure a strong and vibrant future for each of our clients. It’s this forward-thinking, client-centered approach that has guided the firm since 1975 and made MMB one of the most respected and successful accounting firms in the field. All of our bookkeepers are US-based, Quickbooks ProAdvisor certified, and experts in nonprofit accounting. When you let us handle your nonprofit’s bookkeeping needs, you will be paired with one of our staff bookkeepers whose expertise is best matched to your needs.

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As you can imagine, it’s in the best interests of a nonprofit organization to keep taxes to a minimum. With that in mind, nonprofits should prepare the right IRS documentation, including Form 1023 – application to operate under section 501(c). It also goes without saying that nonprofits should determine that their structure and operations are just for tax-exempt purposes.

Commitment to quality service and value — C&A’s professionals receive firm mandated training in excess of CPA education requirements. In addition, members of our management team have experience in delivering training to other professionals on a variety of topics. We pride ourselves on our experience and our commitment to bring this experience to our clients supported by our many long-standing relationships.

Bookkeeping for Mid-Sized Businesses

New York Transit Museum are done in accordance with non-profit accounting standards. With our one-stop approach, we can not only help you develop your strategy but also render your program for less than our competitor’s charge. When your in-house accountant changes report formats as often as you change your socks, it can leave you confused, or stuck defending numbers you don’t really understand.

We provide the expertise you need to help your nonprofit serve more people, raise more money, and drive your mission forward. Finally, board members are personally liable for their custody of the nonprofit organization’s assets. You want to ensure your back office is run smoothly and efficiently to ensure the errors & omissions policy that protect you is always paid up and that your financial reporting is handled accurately and compliantly. Maureen Cross, CPA is committed to finding accounting solutions for non-profit organizations like churches, charities, and schools. My experience working with a wide variety of non-profits enables us to offer the financial oversight and direction to simplify your accounting procedures and monitor resources.


It’s essential that anyone running a non-profit organization has a thorough understanding of how its capital should get structured and a financial plan of action. Over the last 13 years, Jitasa’s tax specialists have completed thousands of tax filings for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. Program Coordinator will report to the Executive Director and works collaboratively with staff, partners, and other partners as necessary to maintain program efficiency. A. After you sign up for the service, we will email you an order confirmation and service agreement. After you acknowledge this, we will forward you another email providing you access to our client-only web tools & questionnaire.

bookkeeping for nonprofits new york

Specific for non-profit organizations that receive government grants, our team audits your financial statements and your major federal awards to make sure you are meeting compliance requirement. Many small business owners manage their own bookkeeping when their company first begins in an effort to save money. Our team is here to take that task off your hands, saving you time while giving you the confidence of knowing your books are being handled by specialized professionals. We work with all types of nonprofit organizations such as charities, health services, human services, foundations, and membership organizations. These statements give you quality insights into how your organization performs, thereby helping board members take the necessary steps to understand where funds are being allocated to further the mission of the nonprofit.

The Bookkeeping Center

Without access to accurate financial reports and expert financial guidance, your organization will never be prepared for what’s coming next. Contact us today for more information about our nonprofit services and how we can be of assistance to your organization. We provide bill payment, recording, Bookkeeping Services in New York invoicing and account reconciliation services without the expense of a full-time bookkeeper. Second, hiring our bookkeepers allows you and your staff to dedicate your time to more profitable tasks, like launching new marketing campaigns or developing new product or service ideas.

  • Many organizations are concerned about making the jump over to outsourcing, but with today’s advancements in technology, working with a remote expert team is almost seamless.
  • Please visit our website at for more information about our organization and our program.
  • Are you interested in converting piles of information into a dashboard that’s not only easy to understand but accessible?
  • We are looking for a Program Intern on a part-time basis as we continue to grow and reach more participants and partners in the New York Metro area.
  • Let us handle and maintain your books while you focus on your mission without being derailed.
  • While being tasked with maintaining compliance documentation, managing staff, and providing a consistent service to the community, essential nonprofit organization management, especially bookkeeping services, can be left in disarray.
  • Software, non-profit accounting standards, and revenue tracking using Altru or a similar platform.

I’ll make sure your financial data stays up to date and organized and will keep you informed through regular reports. My customized reporting methods will give you a clear picture of your assets and expenses so you’ll see where your money is really going. Ill also evaluate your internal controls and recommend any refinements needed to prevent fraud.

We believe in what you do, which is why we offer affordable solutions focused on achieving your mission. For your small business to grow, you need to have a consistently firm grasp on your finances. Our name, Jitasa (ji-tah-suh), means “The Spirit of Serving Others.” We exist to serve the nonprofits who make the world a better place. Let us maintain your books while you focus on your mission without being derailed. Software, non-profit accounting standards, and revenue tracking using Altru or a similar platform.

  • And we can offer you on-demand advice on grant utilization, fundraising strategy, tax compliance, and other topics that often trip up growing nonprofits.
  • YPTC is not a CPA firm, and provides no attestation services with regard to financial reports.
  • The Bookkeeping Center Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, empowers talented individuals to find meaningful employment by providing affordable, specialized financial training, job readiness assistance and work experience.
  • That means they must report all their expenses once the grant period has been concluded.

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